I’m an Island Girl

I'm an Island Girl

"The glass is always half full in paradise."

I was born in Comox on the last day of Spring at 8:32am. I would like to say the birds were chirping the sun was shining, a view of the mountains shined in thru that hospital window and that was the moment I fell in love with our island, “love at first sight.” But that would be silly, I was a baby and just opened my eyes for the first time.

Let’s be honest, having the family I do; luckily, I grew up driving down dirt roads, looking for deer, grouse, or a great fishing hole to cast a few lines in and we usually were lucky to get a fish or two on! Quading, camping, out on the zodiac, everything you do when you have toys and a beautiful landscape to take advantage of. Just think of your typical country song, ha-ha.

I feel blessed to have all these great photographic memories. Candice recently drafted an email to our clients, and said, “I hope you find ways to have joy in your life during these challenging times and find peace in the fact that we live in one of the places people wish they could vacation to.” I feel truly lucky like many of you to have been born and raised in paradise.

Lately, with my new career at a fast-paced speed, it has been an hour here or there. I must say one of my favourite spots is Beaver Lodge Lands; it is a great trail for running or biking like I do regularly with my nine-year-old son. The beach is great too, this is a spot to reflect and relax, Fleetwood mac in my ears and my eyes peeled for beach glass.

Maybe, just like me I will see you around, taking advantage of the mountains and the sea and all the beauty in between. Feel free to say hi, I usually have a smile on my face and an inviting conversation!