We will help you find your way home. It can be complex but rest assured, we enjoy it and want you to enjoy it too.
There is a lot to consider, we will take care of the details but let’s have some fun along the way.

1. Deciding to Buy a Home

This is the time to research and consider what you are looking for in a home. Look around your existing residence? Ask yourself what works for your lifestyle and what does not. Think in terms of what do you absolutely need, the one thing or several things that if you cannot have; then moving just does not make sense. These are the must haves.

Next consider those items you might consider little extras but may not be essential or things that you could compromise on.

Lastly, make your wish list. Those are the things that if you could buy a house that had any of these, that would be the icing on the cake!

The PARKER&PAULOSKI Team can help! It is never too early to discuss possibilities with a realtor, and we can provide guidance for you all along the way.

2. Get Pre-Approved for Financing

Going through the mortgage pre-approval process is one of the most important steps you can take prior to purchasing a home. Financing a property purchase is more complicated than you might think.

A pre-approval letter from your lender makes all the difference when you make an offer for your new home. Work with an independent mortgage broker or through your bank. If you are working with your bank, make sure you ask to speak to a mortgage specialist. Be sure that they pre-approve you, not pre-qualify you. This is where the mortgage specialist approves your income, checks your credit and approves your down payment options.

When you’re ready to get started, our team can point you in the right direction!

3. House Hunting

So now you have given a lot of thought to what you are looking for, you know how much you can spend and likely have a time frame to do it in.

Now we can really help. Our team will assist you in navigating the home buying experience and all the paperwork from start to finish. Our team is comprised of three licensed agents – Heather, Candice or our licensed office administrator, Chelsea. This means someone, is always available to answer your questions or show you a property.

Experience Counts! Heather Parker has helped nearly 700 property buyers during her career. She understands how to support buyers on their path to owning a great home. She is a great source of information for you and a source of reference for her partner, Candice Pauloski.

Candice has been in the business since 2017 and is an excellent listener, a thoughtful & diligent full-time agent. She believes in empowering you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision. After all, it’s one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime

During the house hunting process, we will provide you with all the listings that may meet your criteria and will show you properties we think you should view and properties that you choose to view – or both. We will chat with you about market conditions and market trends and will be sure to tell you what a good deal is or when you might want to walk away. We can give you a rough idea of potential repair costs or refer you to the appropriate specialist and so much more.

We will work with you and for you to find your next home.

4. Making an Offer

When you find a home you are interested in buying, we will work with you to draft an offer to purchase.

We advocate for you because we’re removed from the emotions you feel for the home. Furthermore, we can draft you the strongest offer possible, complete with all the contingencies you need or want to protect yourself. We tailor your offer to fit you, from the right subject clauses through to the closing date that works best.

We will help you consider market conditions that may affect what price or terms you may choose. Negotiating the price of a house is fairly typical, of course, but there are still some tips for making it work in your favour. We negotiate your offer based on factors like comparable properties, appraisal results, neighbourhood status, home condition and overall market. Is it a buyer’s market, a seller’s market, or a balanced market?

We also make sure that we have explored every document available to us online beforehand to make sure there are no surprises. Sometimes, depending on how the home was priced we might even suggest a higher purchase price. This is where our expertise really matters!

5. Yay! Your Offer Has Been Accepted

We walk you through all the due diligence activities that are required to ensure you are fully informed about all aspects of the property you are buying. From helping with home inspections, reviewing reports, answering insurance questions, providing your lender with additional information on the property, reviewing strata documents and more.

We will help you sift through all the information you will be receiving and answer any questions, such as “is this typical?” “is this expensive to fix?” “Will this affect my resale value”? In addition, we may recommend you do further research and refer you to other specialists, such as roofers, air quality testers, remediation experts and so on. After all, it is likely one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

If all goes well, you will remove the subject conditions on your offer. At this point, it is time to start planning your move and making necessary arrangements because you will soon be the owner of your next home. We will help with friendly reminders and suggestions along the way to make sure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible!

6. Completing Your Purchase

By this time, you know that buying a home seems to involve mountains of paperwork. After all, your lender and your realtor have each created a small mountain of documents – don’t worry, they are required by law. Everything must be done in a certain way on a certain form for your protection and we have helped guide you through each step of the way.

Now it is time for more paperwork. We will liaise with your preferred real estate lawyer or notary and send them instructions for completing your purchase. You will meet with them in person to sign all the legal documents a few days prior to you getting possession of your new place. They will also instruct you to bring your cheque for the your deposit and other adjustments for your purchase.

7. Move In!

The best and most exciting day is here – this is the day you have been waiting and getting ready for!

Prior to your arrival, our team will be sure to check to make sure any conditions negotiated on the contract for the property were met; repairs, included items (chattels), documents or move out cleaning.

We will meet you at your new home with keys in hand. Congratulations and welcome home, but this is not goodbye to us! We will be sure to check in on you to make sure you are satisfied in your new home, and are always open to answer questions in the future.

“Our happy buyers are thrilled with their new homes. We can help you too!”


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